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5 Ways to Cutting up Your Wedding Costs Effectively


Weddings are huge and extravagant affairs. Some people even spend their entire lives earnings to spend on their or their children’s weddings. And, as weird as that might sound, it is true. But wouldn’t it be great if so much money is not wasted on a day’s event, and instead, used on something more relevant?

That is why, we decided to get you a list of things you can actually put into practice and save up on your wedding expenditure.

1. The Venue


Usually people end up booking 5-star hotels for their weddings. They equate a lavish or grand wedding to 5-star hotels, but in truth such places are just fancy and cost a bomb. Rather, farmhouses and wedding gardens provide much better options, especially the ones away from the city. Not only do you end up saving a lot of money but get a much more open and ambient location for the wedding.
Let’s not forget it will add something different to your weeding while keeping it grand.

2. Stay in Season & Compare Your Options


We usually end up spending a bomb on the flowers, especially since; flowers are used in blooms for the bride, the ends of the aisles, the centerpieces, and more. If you stick with flowers that are in season, your costs will come way down. Even November offers calla lilies, and March is a fine time for freesia. And within the season, be careful what you choose. Peonies can be even more expensive than roses.
The Internet could be your savior when it comes to wedding planning. Websites like Pinterest are full of enticing images of all kinds of wedding paraphernalia—with no price tags attached. There are also lots of sites that point to ways to save. Certain sites let you buy up the fixings from weddings that got cancelled, and tradesy.com offers a range of almost-new wedding dresses.
So if you be a little smart, you could save a lot of money.

3. Opting for Packaged Deals


Booking artists, DJs, caterers, decorators, etc., all separately can cost you a lot, as you would be paying a premium for each of the parties. Look for vendors who offer you a discounted deal and offer all of these in a package. There are plenty of good vendors out there; all you need to do is a bit of researching. Don’t worry; as long as your research is good, you won’t be compromising on any quality.

4. Number of Guests


People generally go overboard when it comes to calling people for their wedding. People end up calling some people that they have probably never met and only heard of because they feel obliged or necessary to make their wedding a special occasion. The opposite is true in this case. The less number of guests you call, the more grand will your wedding be. Not only will you save a significant amount of money but also be able to give your guests an extravagant and special event that not only you but they will remember and cherish for the rest for their lives.

5. The Date of the Wedding


The date of the wedding can play a vital role in your overall budget. There are two factors to consider here. One is the wedding season and the other is the day of the week. You can save a considerable amount of money by choosing a date that is not in the wedding season.
The other factor i.e. the day of the week is very important too. Try to avoid the weekends, as it will significantly decrease your wedding expenses. Even moving your date from a Saturday or Sunday to a Friday will save you a lot on your expenditure.
We know that it is your big day and you don’t want to settle for second best, but the above tips will not only help you cut down on unnecessary wedding costs but also make your wedding day stand out from the rest and hence, make it that much more special.


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