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A destination wedding is almost impossible without a destination wedding planner, and that's where Tamarind Global, an Indian wedding planner makes it’s mark with a wide offering of destinations across multiple regions, a young and passionate team of over 50 professionals and turnkey management services that barely any other Wedding Planners in India can offer.

Destination Wedding in India

From beaches and hill stations to forts and palaces, planning a destination wedding in India is a wonderful idea. This diverse country with its unparalleled hospitality, great infrastructure and the ideal food capabilities for Indian weddings makes things very convenient when it comes to celebrating your big day! Tamarind Global Weddings, a destination wedding planner in Mumbai, is not only a luxury wedding planner but also has a 30-year heritage in the hospitality industry. From sourcing the right destinations to contracting the best hotel rates and managing the entire wedding experience, we will make sure to take your special day to the next level with our professional wedding planning services in India!

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Destination Wedding in Middle East

Whether it’s a wedding taking place along a glittering coastline, amidst the lavish splendour of some of the world’s most iconic hotels or an intimate celebration of love in the desert – Middle East has it all. Its central location and ‘East meets West’ culture makes it a popular choice for people from around the globe to plan a destination wedding in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Ras Al Khaimah. Doha and Bahrain are also attractive wedding locations.

Doha | Abu Dhabi | Destination Wedding in Dubai | Bahrain | Ras al Khaimah |

Destination wedding in Southeast Asia

Cost effective, great connectivity from India, great hospitality, food and idyllic venues, South East Asia is the most accessible choice that makes you feel at home and where almost everything is available locally.

Cambodia | Chang Mai | Bangkok | Kota Kinabalu | Bali |

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Destination Weddings Europe

The Victorian architecture, the quaint piazzas, the fairytale castles and churches and much more, all make for the most captivating and exquisite settings for a celebration. A little further from home, but a truly memorable choice with a diverse selection of destinations.

Croatia | London |