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"Tamarind Weddings is the Specialized Wedding Division that forms a part of the parent company, Tamarind Global"

Tamarind Global Weddings has been in the hospitality industry for over 10 years and has expanded its services to now include focused destination management, event management and bespoke weddings, creating unforgettable experiences across its verticals.

Tamarind Global Weddings operates on a turnkey basis for its clients, taking on a single point of contact responsibility for the wedding, including venue selection, negotiating with hotels, ground transportation, ideating and execution of themes, planning entertainment and sourcing celebrity performers, emcees and hosts, Mehendi, beauticians and saree drapers, appointments with designers for the trousseau, menu selection and catering, guest relations and hospitality desk, hostesses and meet and greet facilities, airport management, vendors for photography, designing and printing of exclusive invitations and stationery, sourcing of turndown gifts, wrapping and decoration services. We offer complete destination wedding packages in the best destination wedding locations across India, Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, UAE and beyond, and of course, planning the honeymoon!

Mahesh Shirodkar, Managing Director of Tamarind Global, Top Wedding Planners in India

Mahesh Shirodkar
Managing Director

Never takes no for an answer! Life’s motto – “Impossible is Nothing” also interpreted as “Puchne me kya jata hai?”

A veteran in the field with over 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Mr Shirodkar, known more commonly as “Bossy”, is the man behind the vision. He is known for his resounding infectious laughter, love for cigars and malts, insatiable energy, passion, perseverance and attention to detail.

Kunal Rai, VP - Weddings and Events of Tamarind Global, Top Wedding Planners in India

Kunal Rai

VP - Weddings and Events

DND until he has his morning Cafe Frappe from CCD.

From Mickey to Mandaps, Kunal Rai went from corporate events with Encompass and Disney right into the thick of planning Weddings and Social Events.

With 15 years of experience in client servicing, events and production, Kunal leads a large team of enthusiastic, passionate and boisterous Project Managers. He is known for his love for fitness, cold coffee and most of all himself.

Alisha Shirodkar Aggarwal, VP - Business Development of Tamarind Global, Top Wedding Planners in India

Alisha Shirodkar Aggarwal

VP - Business Development

Tammy’s very own perfectionist, Alisha can talk up a storm without catching her breath!

Always seen juggling between Marketing and Events, Alisha is the perfect definition of a workaholic who doesn’t even let a vacation stop her. If you can keep up with her you will learn a lot: right from the correct use of a full stop to dealing with Tom a.k.a. Kunal on a bad day. Not only does she work hard, but knows how to keep the party going till the wee hours of the morning with her love for Punjabi music and moves. Secret Tip: The nicer you are to Alisha, the more yummy Belgian waffles come your way

Sneh Dalal, Project Manager of Tamarind Global, Top Wedding Planners in India

Sneh Dalal

Project Manager

Ladies, stay away! Casanova alert!

Sneh used to make other people dance at his earlier stint with Shiamak Davar..now Tamarind is the one keeping him on his toes. Our Middle East specialist, the UAE government should grant him citizenship for the amount of weddings he has done in that part of the world. Sneh is known for his extraordinary appetite (for food and alcohol), his energy level and his killer dance moves.

Dhruv Arora, Project Manager of Tamarind Global, Top Wedding Planners in India

Dhruv Arora

Project Manager

Disclaimer: If you ask him a question, keep some time aside to hear the answer.

If you want to be his best friend, just make sure you bring a bottle of old monk to the party. You can give Dhruv enough work to occupy the entire team and he will still come back with a smile, asking for more. A man of few words but forever on the phone, Dhruv is dependable, diplomatic and diligent.

Shrutika Maheshwari, Project Manager of Tamarind Global, Top Wedding Planners in India

Shrutika Maheshwari

Project Manager

Disclaimer: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Shrutika comes with a vast experience and expertise in the wedding space. In an unfortunately male-dominated industry, this one is a force to reckon with! A self-proclaimed ambivert – sometimes a repository of hilarious comments and jokes and at others completely quiet and in her own world, Shrutika is our very own beloved dichotomy.

Aashay Samel, Project Manager of Tamarind Global, Top Wedding Planners in India

Aashay Samel

Project Manager

Disclaimer: If you want a cheap ride, feed him (preferably lamb chops)

Also known as Crysta (a graduation from the earlier “Innova”), Aashay heads the logistics team. Not to be judged by his size, Aashay is heavily into kickboxing and MMA and can pack in a mean punch. On weekdays, you will find Aashay in bed and asleep by 10pm sharp. He is known for his love for cars (obviously), chocolate milk and his pet, Tyson.

Anees Joya, Lead Designer of Tamarind Global, Top Wedding Planners in India

Anees Joya

Manager- Graphic Designer

Disclaimer: Don’t be fooled by the innocent smile, there is a world of wit that lies beneath

With knowledge of over 17 softwares, Anees leads the creative team. He is the ultimate multi tasker, everyone’s go to for help and one of the most lovable members of our team.

Vicky Bhanusali, Production Head of Tamarind Global, Top Wedding Planners in India

Vicky Bhanusali

Head- Production

Disclaimer: The Silent Assassin, don’t be fooled by his reticence.

This one-man army leads Production. Cool as a cucumber, Vicky’s composure in the most stressful of times is his biggest asset. He is also faced with the hard task of being the only vegetarian amongst an army of carnivorous Tammies.

Kunjal Mody, Production Head of Tamarind Global, Top Wedding Planners in India

Kunjal Mody


Always has a hurricane of crazy chaos around her! The “Cutting Chai” lover – Kunjal loves to celebrate every small success.

With expansive experience in the industry, passion to go the extra mile and a forever smiling demeanour, she is always full of life. In her words – in a world full of critics, she is the Encourager.

Karan Malhotra, Events and Weddings Head of Tamarind Global, Top Wedding Planners in India

Karan Malhotra

Head : Events & Weddings

Not to be confused with the Bollywood director and screenwriter, Karan leads the weddings & events division at Tamarind’s Delhi office. A jack of all trades and a master of many, he hits the ground running, partly because of his impeccable work ethic but mostly because his wife doesn’t disturb him during work hours. Karan loves to cook and is an avid foodie, thanks to his Bengali & Punjabi heritage.

When it comes to keeping track of all the craziness that goes on pre and post events, Karan is our in-house Munimji!

Nandini Mittal

Manager- Client Servicing

Grammar Nazi Alert! Even if you are the client!
Have you ever met a girl and wondered why you haven’t known her all your life? That’s Nandini.
When she is not busy acing her work, she can be found hiding and crying with the bride’s father
at the bidaai. That’s how emotional she is at heart. She loves drama just as much as she loves

She loves everything about weddings! Be it the chaos of endless schedules and ceremonies, or
the riot of colors and bittersweet emotions. Our youngest team member manages to keep a
smile on hers and everyone else’s face while also being a tough taskmaster and driven leader.

P.S.: She is so small; she glides in everywhere with so much comfort that you might not even
notice before she becomes a part of the family.

P.P.S.: If you find a cute, little girl drinking a glass of red wine for breakfast after a long wedding
night, that’s probably her too.

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