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Five Exotic Spots For The “I Do”


Accessible global travel and far-flung relatives, among other things, mean that a wedding destination today is given almost as much thought as the bridal trousseau. And why not? The ‘once in a lifetime’ event warrants a location that will forever conjure up ‘remember how the waves were beating against the shore while we made the vows?’ sort of happy memories.

From the boho chic to the opulent, here is a bouquet of special spots that will add a rare and romantic magic to the ceremony, be it traditional Indian or a multi-ethnic mix. And it’s all largely al-fresco, so nature lends its abundant beauty to the wedding decor.

Ras Al Khaimah, UAE


Ras Al Khaimah, UAE:

Add romance through the mystery of old Arabic tales in this quiet Emirate, which has a beautiful beach, desert dunes and cosmopolitanism, without the price tag of nearby Dubai. Ras Al Khaimah has a rustic charm, but boasts several star hotels and classy beach resorts that will pamper the special guests. 




It is no wonder that Turkey is one of the hottest tourist destinations globally. Its unique part Asian-part European location and culture, amazing history and architecture, easy mix of tradition and modernity, and exotic cuisine makes it a distinctive spot. Wouldn’t it be amazing to start a new life chapter in an ancient land that poets and novelists have immortalised in their works?


Monte Carlo


Monte Carlo:

Like a fine brand, the name Monte Carlo conjures up images of super luxury and a grandiose beauty. The Monaco principality squeezes a range of delights into a small package: the romantic element of a 700-year royal history, the beautiful French Riviera setting of the mountains facing the Mediterranean Sea and luxury gambling centres. Also, apparently, the biggest wedding extravaganza that the district hosted was a no-holds barred Indian ceremony, so that’s a fine precedent to follow.


Valencia, Spain


Valencia, Spain:

For Indians brought up on a staple diet of Bollywood movies, European locations will always spur a special dreamy longing. The Mediterranean coastal city of Valencia, features the baroque architecture, cute cafes, cobbled streets and sophisticated fountains typical of quaint Europe, with the added attraction of old country mansions, orange fields and even an old fishing village as wedding venues.


Bali, Indonesia:

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia – Krabi, Thailand: The waters are so blue and the tropical vegetation so lush that nature’s colours are like a whole new experience in these little paradises. Southeast Asia seems to have the perfect marriage of beautiful beach destination and Asian warmth, making it ideal choice to seal a new bond.



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