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Have A Look at These Fun Ideas for Your Own Mehendi Function!

Out of all wedding celebrations, one of the most fun and intimate functions is, without a doubt, the Mehendi function. Apart from the traditional henna application, this pre-wedding ceremony is the one where you can freely experiment with themes, colours, and activities! From quirky photo booths, hanging florals and bright colours to an inventive food menu, there’s so much you can plan with your luxury wedding planner to add a spark to this auspicious event.
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Food Trends That You Need To Check Out For Your Wedding!

Indians are well-known for their great love for food. So, of course, Indian weddings end up automatically being a huge culinary festival. But in order to keep your cuisine and food decor exciting and fresh, you must get on board with the latest food trends. Wedding cuisine has undergone a metamorphosis – it is no longer just executed traditionally and according to customs but has been injected with modernity, theatre and new tastes from all over the world.

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