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Food Trends That You Need To Check Out For Your Wedding!


Indians are well-known for their great love for food. So, of course, Indian weddings end up automatically being a huge culinary festival. But in order to keep your cuisine and food decor exciting and fresh, you must get on board with the latest food trends. Wedding cuisine has undergone a metamorphosis – it is no longer just executed traditionally and according to customs but has been injected with modernity, theatre and new tastes from all over the world.

How do you know which food trends to follow? It’s simple when you take the help of an Indian destination wedding planner. As part of their wedding planning services, these expert luxury wedding planners will aid you in deciding the menu, finding the perfect caterers and chefs and exploring different culinary themes. While experimenting with massive buffets, an Indian destination wedding planner will help you create an experience that expresses history, culture and emotion!

Luxury wedding planner Tamarind Global Weddings suggests some of the latest trends that you could incorporate into your wedding cuisine, making it a truly memorable gourmet affair.


An eco-friendly wave has swept across the food industry in recent times. With millennials being the ones getting married, the concept of sustainability is even stronger than ever. From using fair trade and organic products in all preparations to the proper disposal of food and, most importantly, the non-use of plastic; conscious and thoughtful wedding cuisine is a trend that is definitely looking up.

Innovative Cocktails

Tamarind Global Weddings recommends getting on board a bar consultant to take your alcohol display and preparations to the next level. This year, cocktail menus will carry a theme – be it a region, an ingredient, or a memory – with all the drinks linking back to the theme. An Indian destination wedding planner will acquaint you with the best bar consultants in the industry. Prepare for the most innovative and special cocktails at your wedding!

Indigenous Produce & Flavours

While some people may want to have French caviar, Norwegian salmon and Tuscan wines as a part of their wedding food arrangements, a huge trend right now involves exploring local flavours and produce of India. Dishes such as crab from Kanyakumari, sea buckthorn from Leh, Mewati goat and alphonso mango in sorbets are examples of indigenous produce that could be a part of your flavourful wedding cuisine.

Desserts with a Citrus Twist & More

Desserts with a Citrus Twist

From fondant cakes to naked cakes, the focus has now shifted from complex designs to complex flavours. Sour tastes are making an entry into the dessert menu! Think of lemons, oranges, pomegranate and rhubarb as popular ingredients in chocolate cake and cheesecakes.

Now that you’re armed with some of the latest food trends, kick start your food planning process with your Indian destination wedding planner. Keeping the above trends in mind, don’t forget to explore all possible catering and wedding planning services available so that you achieve the best culinary wedding experience for you and your guests.


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