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Place Your Dream Wedding in the Hands of an Indian Destination Wedding Planner


Why should you go with an Indian destination wedding planner to help you bring your wedding dreams to life? Apart from the fact that luxury wedding planners reduce your overall stress during the whole planning phase, Indian destination wedding planners – including the best wedding planners in Mumbai – pay great attention to detail and will have everything covered for you, as per your choice. This makes them extremely indispensable during the big fat Indian wedding planning process.

Whether you choose to have your destination wedding in India or in an exotic location abroad, Indian destination wedding planners are ready to take care of all your specific wedding planning needs and requests. Tamarind Global Weddings tells you how:

Up To Date With the Latest Trends

What’s in this wedding season? What are the trending locations that people are looking at to celebrate their destination wedding? And what are the wedding design and decor trends that will create an impact?

Indian destination wedding planners ensure that they have the answers to all these questions and more. All luxury wedding planners are responsible for staying up to date with the latest wedding trends so that they can offer only the most individualized and ideas to you. When it comes to knowing the latest and most popular wedding trends, even the ones followed by celebrities and stars, the best wedding planners in Mumbai have your back and will do a wonderful job in planning your wedding.

Multicultural Weddings

Indian destination wedding planners have a lot of experience in planning different types of weddings and a multicultural wedding is no different! Trust your wedding planners to do their research about different cultural celebrations and incorporate both traditions
from either side in the functions of the wedding. Most couples love to celebrate both their cultures at their wedding and a wedding planner will see to it that everything merges beautifully together.


An Indian destination wedding planner will not only give you the wedding that you had always imagined but will also execute wedding hospitality services flawlessly. An important part of an Indian wedding is that feeling of being welcomed and looked after in
the best possible way. Detailed RSVPs, thoughtful gifting and making sure that wedding guests have the most personalized experience are a few things that wedding planners definitely promise.

Another aspect of hospitality to be decided is the choice of destination and selection of a wedding venue that go perfectly with your dream wedding ideas. Having successfully planned and executed over 50 Indian Weddings across several destinations, Tamarind Global Weddings is an experienced luxury wedding planner that has the ability to contract the right package in India and overseas and puts a lot of emphasis on the more intangible aspects of wedding planning such as guest management and logistics.

Unparalleled Cuisine

Every community in India has an individualized way of celebrating weddings and cuisine plays a huge role in how each community expresses their traditions and customs. Apart from being aware of these differences and being able to execute weddings of different styles, Indian destination wedding planners will also pay attention to including the latest food trends and décor arrangements as they plan your wedding’s cuisine.

Whether you want to go fully traditional or traditional with a modern or quirky twist, your luxury wedding planner will have all the options ready. Think a buffet that goes along with your wedding’s theme or interesting dishes such as Indian nachos, pani puri shots and kulfi in the form of sorbet – to name a few. You can even have cuisines from all over the world.


Providing exciting entertainment options is also a part of an Indian destination wedding planner’s services. Song, dance and different forms of amusement are integral parts of a wedding and a luxury wedding planner will see to it that everything goes as planned.
Tamarind Global Weddings makes sure you get the best entertainment customized to your choice of function. Whether it’s classic, golden entertainment or something out of the box, you will surely find the perfect fit amongst numerous performance artists, live
bands, DJs, mentalists, illusionists, cirque acts, comedians and dance troupes from all over the world.

Now that you know how much attention an Indian destination wedding planner will give to each part of your wedding, you can explore the services of any of the best wedding planners in Mumbai and see what works best for your wedding planning needs.

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