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Reinvented Wedding Cuisine At Indian Weddings: A Glimpse!


Different twists and reinventions that have come up in menus at Indian weddings in recent times have really turned the functions around. Apart from delighting wedding guests, the numerous flavors, cuisines and methods of presentation at a wedding buffet speaks a lot about the high level of creativity in the food industry and in the wedding planning services of a luxury wedding planner.

In this blog, we at Tamarind Global Weddings look at different parts of wedding cuisine at Indian weddings that have undergone reinventions and new changes!

Decadent & Personalized Wedding Cakes

Cakes have evolved into centrepieces that draw everyone’s attention. From glamourous cakes with real gold leaves and edible paint to sparkling wedding cakes with a sweep of sugar flowers, there’s a wedding cake for every type of wedding!

Some couples opt for cakes inspired by architecture, design and fine details – concrete and metallic twists and interesting textures. Yet some others may want cakes customized to their individual tastes, cakes that reflect a couple’s relationship – a rainbow cake in vibrant hues, hand designed cakes with swirling blue floral and bird motifs, cakes inspired by the season, cakes placed on personal stands calligraphed with each guest’s name or cakes served alongside lush blooms and foliage – to name a few!

People are also making bold choices with flavour-infused cakes like jasmine, lavender, lemongrass and thyme. Cupcake wedding cakes have also been seen at contemporary weddings.

Serving Bite Sized Portions

Serving bit sized portion

The concept of serving large plates to guests, especially while they are dancing or busy socializing, is getting outdated as more and more caterers choose to serve smaller portions at non sit-down functions. During the mehendi function or a welcome party, it is more practical to have tapas, or bar snacks. The portions are small and served hot like patatas bravas, ham coca, garlic prawns, etc.

Food design specialists will work on spreads brimming with luxurious food and beautiful styling, including gourmet produce from Europe, Australia and Singapore such as artisan cheese, cured meats, flavourful dips, freshly baked bread, premium fruit and vegetables and organic chocolate. These grazing tables will be in tune with the function so that the décor flows beautifully.

Experiment at the Cocktail Party

The cocktail party is an elegant affair and is open to a lot of experimentation in terms of cuisine, presentation and drinks selection. Professional wedding bartenders are continuously putting twists to old favourites and redefining boundaries.

Additions like saffron water and burnt rosemary to a simple gin and tonic, fresh fruit popsicles with different cocktails, bellinis with a floral twist or offering guests shots in the form of chocolate shots, kettle shots, etc. are just some of the bartending trends that you could include in your cocktail party.

Wedding Food Bar for The Children

Food stylists and experts know that it’s harder to please children at weddings than adults! Kids love colours and enjoy variety so smaller portions can be served in interesting ways like thin crust and pan pizzas with colourful toppings, sweet pizzas, cupcakes, cookies, or sushi with toppings and fillings like chocolate, marshmallow and candied fruits. Milkshakes and juices will surely be a hit as well as desserts like banana splits and doughnuts.

A La Carte Concept

This is a relatively new concept where guests are offered an à la carte menu when they sit down and the food—served at the table—can easily cover two entirely different cuisines. Not only does this give guests the feeling that they’re at a fine dining restaurant but it also gives them the experience of trying different, thoughtfully prepared dishes they might not have had otherwise.

Concept Brunches

Concept brunches

Maybe you’re thinking about having a post wedding brunch just to round off your wedding weekend in a relaxed manner? Or maybe you’re having one huge party for your wedding guests in the form of a brunch. A lot can be done in this new area of wedding brunches from the menu to themes and décor.

A mimosa bar and a slow drip coffee bar are great choices to include in your brunch along with seltzer water, flavoured soda and juice. Light food stations such as healthy granola, cereals with flavoured milk and parfait to heavier offerings like doughnuts, bagels, scones and cinnamon roll cake should be balanced together.

Farm to Table Meals

Many couples are very particular about the quality and origin of their food. Many chefs are now catering organic produce for weddings, following a ‘farm to table’ concept where everything is fresh, locally sourced and free of pesticides and chemicals. Molecular gastronomy cuisine is also a popular trend nowadays.

The top wedding planners in India are assured that as more food trends keep coming up, the more eclectic and varied wedding menus at Indian weddings will be. Tamarind Global Weddings has experience with different types of reinvented cuisine and would be more than happy to help you navigate through the plethora of choices available today.


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