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How A Calm And Cool Bride Can Win The Day


It’s the beginning of the rest of your life and you can be forgiven for a few nerves. But remember, a wedding is one of your most special days and the best way to approach D-day with a relaxed, happy mind. So, lock that bridezilla in the closet and you will have already taken the first step to happy memories.

Book A Wedding Planner

Most young couples are locked in stressful jobs and you don’t want your wedding day to turn into your breaking point. Enter the wedding planner. Let the professionals sift through not just the inputs that you have, but the ones that families on both sides no doubt want to pitch in with. You can almost carry on with your normal life; almost.

Look Good

Destination Wedding Planners

Do not crash diet, no matter how much you want to get down to size zero. It will probably help you lose weight, but you could end up looking tired, gaunt and it won’t do great things for your mood. Start on your bridal beauty treatments and diets as early as you can, and be consistent with them. If you want to do a detox, best to get it done as soon as the wedding date is set and then, follow it up with sensible eating.

Give And Take

Destination Wedding Planner, Bride

Sure, it is your day and the focus is on the wedding couple, but remember, families and friends are investing love (and probably, money) into this day. Let the mother-in-law slip in a maang tika that she likes, or let your mother decide on the flowers; making them happy will ultimately make you happy and get you off on the right foot in your new life.

What’s Your Heart Really Set On?

How A Calm And Cool Bride Can Win The Day, Wedding Planner

Some brides want to splurge on the costume, some want a lovely setting, others want the best photographer. Weddings are expensive, but decide on one – or two- thing that would give you great joy when you think back and throw some hard cash at it. Hey, it could be on one last day of the greatest fun with your closest friends.


Ok, unless you are a hermit, you have definitely looked up wedding DIYs on Pinterest. And ok, you don’t want to hot-glue-gun your fingers together, but rope in a friend or a crafty cousin/niece/nephew to make a fun decor or memorabilia. Or even to put together a pinboard of costumes, flowers, decor that you just have to scroll through. And while you won’t have to pay them in cash, taking them out to a nice dinner or a thoughtful gift will make them happy to have cut and pasted for you.


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