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Quirky Bachelorette Party Ideas


Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most significant days in your life. This is the day you and your partner tie the knot and vow to be by each other’s side “till death does you apart”. It definitely could qualify as one of the happiest days too. In fact if it isn’t you might have some reconsidering to do. Now that being said, along with happiness marriage most definitely brings along the winds of change and adjusting to your new life could be quite a task. Hence it only makes sense that you ensure the night before your wedding night is your most memorable one. That’s why we decided to do you ladies a favour and put together some of the craziest and most unique ideas to put an end to that spinster lifestyle.



Setting up a tent and sitting by a campfire with your girlfriends might seem like something unusual to you, but that’s exactly why we’re including it in our list. Camping with the girls in a natural setting like a beach could definitely increase the fun quotient of your bachelorette party quite a bit. Pair that with some fun games, a barbeque and some spooky stories by a bonfire, and you have yourself a perfect bachelorette party in the making. Confused about the ideal spot where you could plan the ideal getaway?Ladakh – India, Boya Lake Provincial Park – Canada, Yosemite National Park – USA and Reykjavik – Iceland are considered some of the best camping destinations in the world and will surely satisfy your thirst for some serious wanderlust.Please note that in such settings however, it is always advised to take the necessary safety measures likes carrying enough food and water, keeping a first aid kit handy and ensuring you have some trusted company or at least a guide.

Viva Las Vegas


Vegas Baby! That’s right! If you and your gang are in search for the wildest night of your lives, then look no further than the Entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. This city is a popular destination amongst Celebrities, Rockstars, Entertainment Artists and Hotshots around the world who come here to really let their hair loose. Hence, it’s no surprise where Las Vegas gets the nickname, Sin City, from. So if you’re planning to throw a bachelorette party here, you can never really run out of options. Vegas offers everything from Casinos- and boat parties to quaint dinners and relaxing spas and hence it makes the perfect destination for a bachelorette party of a lifetime. If going to Vegas isn’t an option then why not bring Vegas home? Another fun thing you could do is have a Vegas Themed Party in your hometown where you could go club hopping and try your luck at the casinos with your bachelorette squad.

Party on a Boat


This one is definitely the most Instagram-friendly idea you can think of. Not to mention that having your hens party on the deck of a boat cruise or a chartered boat in the midst of the blue waters will always remain alive in your memory.Ibiza – Spain, Mykonos – Greece, Goa – India and Miami – USA are considered some of the best destinations to venture out on a boat party of a lifetime.

Test your fate


Probably the most off-beat idea on the list, you can turn your bachelorette party into a mystical one by arranging activities like palm reading sessions, tarot card reading, fortune telling and so on. Since the night before the wedding is a night full of anticipation, this could help you calm your thoughts and make your spinster night truly unique.

Go Backpacking in Europe


You might have your honeymoon plans in place, but going backpacking with your bachelorette squad to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations could be the last opportunity you have to travel as a bachelorette. Now you might have a lot of places to choose from but a limited timeline and budget, and that is why a Euro Trip could be the perfect vacation you’ve been looking for. The best part is you don’t have to struggle with too much paper work too, since the Schengen Visa offers entry into 26 European countries including some of the more popular ones like Iceland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Belgium and many  more. Which means you could go Skiing down the Alps, Cycling through the Meadows in Netherlands, taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower and sipping on some exotic drinks on a beach in Santorini, all in one vacation. Europe has a lot to offer anytime of the year and will surely never disappoint you. So go grab a map and start chalking out your travel plans!

Yoga Retreats


Is excessive drinking, partying and dancing in an uncomfortable pair of heels, not your idea of a perfect bachelorette party? How about connecting with your inner consciousness and aligning your body, mind and soul? Pair that with a scenic location and you have yourself the most blissful experience you can imagine. A yoga retreat is the ideal way to celebrate your final days of singlehood, where you and your posse can indulge in some meditation yoga and healthy eating, and return feeling completely rejuvenated for your big day. Since there are a wide variety of options to choose from we have shortlisted some of the best yoga retreat and meditation centres to help you zero in on one. These are; Luxury Bikram Yoga – Hawaii, Yoga for bad people – Jamaica, Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre – India and Groove Yoga Festival.

So there you have it. Now that you have your list of ideas in place all you need to do is summon your squad, pack your bags and celebrate the beginning of your new life!


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